Most comedy TV mistakes of 1991

1Bottom pictureBottom (1991)46
2Home Improvement pictureHome Improvement (1991)45
3Step By Step pictureStep By Step (1991)14
42point4 Children (1991)10
5The Darling Buds of May pictureThe Darling Buds of May (1991)4
6Doug pictureDoug (1991)4
7Murder Most Horrid pictureMurder Most Horrid (1991)3
8The Brittas Empire pictureThe Brittas Empire (1991)3
9Rugrats pictureRugrats (1991)2
10Dinosaurs pictureDinosaurs (1991)2
11Clarissa Explains It All pictureClarissa Explains It All (1991)1
12Herman's head (1991)1
13Blossom pictureBlossom (1991)1

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