Most crime movie mistakes of 1989

1Lethal Weapon 2 pictureLethal Weapon 2 (1989)78
2Batman pictureBatman (1989)77
3Licence to Kill pictureLicence to Kill (1989)31
4Tango & Cash pictureTango & Cash (1989)28
5Road House pictureRoad House (1989)24
6Homer & Eddie pictureHomer & Eddie (1989)14
7Police Academy 6: City Under Siege picturePolice Academy 6: City Under Siege (1989)13
8See No Evil, Hear No Evil pictureSee No Evil, Hear No Evil (1989)11
9K-9 pictureK-9 (1989)11
10Turner & Hooch pictureTurner & Hooch (1989)9
11Black Rain pictureBlack Rain (1989)9
12Drugstore Cowboy pictureDrugstore Cowboy (1989)7
13Blue Steel pictureBlue Steel (1989)7
14Dead Bang pictureDead Bang (1989)6
15The Punisher pictureThe Punisher (1989)5
16Next of Kin pictureNext of Kin (1989)4
17Sea of Love pictureSea of Love (1989)4
18Fletch Lives pictureFletch Lives (1989)4
19Lock Up pictureLock Up (1989)4
20An Innocent Man pictureAn Innocent Man (1989)2
21Her Alibi pictureHer Alibi (1989)2
22Family Business pictureFamily Business (1989)2
23Harlem Nights pictureHarlem Nights (1989)1
24The Package pictureThe Package (1989)1
25The Killer pictureThe Killer (1989)1

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