Most action movie factual errors of 1989

1Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade pictureIndiana Jones and The Last Crusade (1989)21
2Lethal Weapon 2 pictureLethal Weapon 2 (1989)10
3Licence to Kill pictureLicence to Kill (1989)4
4Road House pictureRoad House (1989)3
5The Abyss pictureThe Abyss (1989)2
6Blue Steel pictureBlue Steel (1989)2
7Tango & Cash pictureTango & Cash (1989)2
8Lean on Me pictureLean on Me (1989)2
9The Punisher pictureThe Punisher (1989)2
10An Innocent Man pictureAn Innocent Man (1989)2
11Back to the Future Part II pictureBack to the Future Part II (1989)1
12Dead Bang pictureDead Bang (1989)1
13The Karate Kid III pictureThe Karate Kid III (1989)1
14Deepstar Six pictureDeepstar Six (1989)1
15Lock Up pictureLock Up (1989)1
16Gleaming the Cube pictureGleaming the Cube (1989)1



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