Most crime movie mistakes of 1986

1The Hitcher pictureThe Hitcher (1986)24
2Police Academy 3: Back in Training picturePolice Academy 3: Back in Training (1986)15
3Cobra pictureCobra (1986)13
4Manhunter pictureManhunter (1986)11
5Blue Velvet pictureBlue Velvet (1986)9
6F/X pictureF/X (1986)7
7Armed and Dangerous pictureArmed and Dangerous (1986)6
8Raw Deal pictureRaw Deal (1986)5
9No Mercy pictureNo Mercy (1986)5
10Ruthless People pictureRuthless People (1986)4
11The Name of the Rose pictureThe Name of the Rose (1986)4
12At Close Range pictureAt Close Range (1986)2
13Shanghai Surprise pictureShanghai Surprise (1986)2
14Quicksilver pictureQuicksilver (1986)2
15Something Wild pictureSomething Wild (1986)1
16The Morning After pictureThe Morning After (1986)1
17Legal Eagles pictureLegal Eagles (1986)1
18The Deliberate Stranger pictureThe Deliberate Stranger (1986)1
19River's Edge pictureRiver's Edge (1986)1
20The Big Easy pictureThe Big Easy (1986)1