Most drama movie mistakes of 1985

1Witness pictureWitness (1985)26
2The Return of the Living Dead pictureThe Return of the Living Dead (1985)21
3The Color Purple pictureThe Color Purple (1985)21
4Runaway Train pictureRunaway Train (1985)20
5Cocoon pictureCocoon (1985)15
6The Breakfast Club pictureThe Breakfast Club (1985)13
7Anne of Green Gables pictureAnne of Green Gables (1985)11
8Out of Africa pictureOut of Africa (1985)10
9Death Wish 3 pictureDeath Wish 3 (1985)10
10Brazil pictureBrazil (1985)9
11St. Elmo's Fire pictureSt. Elmo's Fire (1985)5
12Mask pictureMask (1985)4
13To Live and Die in LA pictureTo Live and Die in LA (1985)4
14The Last Dragon pictureThe Last Dragon (1985)4
15A Room with a View pictureA Room with a View (1985)3
16Vision Quest pictureVision Quest (1985)2
17The Black Cauldron pictureThe Black Cauldron (1985)2
18Ran pictureRan (1985)2
19A Chorus Line pictureA Chorus Line (1985)2
20The New Kids pictureThe New Kids (1985)2
21Code of Silence pictureCode of Silence (1985)1
22Compromising Positions pictureCompromising Positions (1985)1
23Heaven Help Us pictureHeaven Help Us (1985)1
24Into the Night pictureInto the Night (1985)1
25Sweet Dreams pictureSweet Dreams (1985)1
26Prizzi's Honor picturePrizzi's Honor (1985)1
27The Falcon and the Snowman pictureThe Falcon and the Snowman (1985)1

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