Most drama movie revealing mistakes of 1976

1Carrie pictureCarrie (1976)6
2Midway pictureMidway (1976)5
3Logan's Run pictureLogan's Run (1976)4
4The Enforcer pictureThe Enforcer (1976)3
5Taxi Driver pictureTaxi Driver (1976)2
6The Eagle Has Landed pictureThe Eagle Has Landed (1976)2
7Cassandra Crossing pictureCassandra Crossing (1976)1
8The Outlaw Josey Wales pictureThe Outlaw Josey Wales (1976)1
9The Shootist pictureThe Shootist (1976)1
10Marathon Man pictureMarathon Man (1976)1
11Car Wash pictureCar Wash (1976)1



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