Most comedy movie continuity mistakes of 1965

1The Great Race pictureThe Great Race (1965)15
2We Give Pink Stamps pictureWe Give Pink Stamps (1965)11
3A Charlie Brown Christmas pictureA Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)9
4Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines pictureThose Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines (1965)7
5Help! pictureHelp! (1965)5
6Village of the Giants pictureVillage of the Giants (1965)4
7That Darn Cat pictureThat Darn Cat (1965)2
8The Tenth Victim pictureThe Tenth Victim (1965)1
9The Eye Creatures pictureThe Eye Creatures (1965)1
10Girl Happy pictureGirl Happy (1965)1
11Do Not Disturb pictureDo Not Disturb (1965)1
12The Big Job (1965)1
13The Hallelujah Trail pictureThe Hallelujah Trail (1965)1
14The Loved One pictureThe Loved One (1965)1