Most drama movie continuity mistakes of 1956

1Autumn Leaves pictureAutumn Leaves (1956)8
2The Searchers pictureThe Searchers (1956)5
3The King and I pictureThe King and I (1956)4
4The Battle of the River Plate pictureThe Battle of the River Plate (1956)3
5Forbidden Planet pictureForbidden Planet (1956)3
6Moby Dick pictureMoby Dick (1956)3
7Ten Commandments pictureTen Commandments (1956)2
8Alexander the Great pictureAlexander the Great (1956)2
9Away All Boats pictureAway All Boats (1956)1
10Giant pictureGiant (1956)1
11Reach for the Sky pictureReach for the Sky (1956)1
12It Conquered the World (1956)1
13Love Me Tender pictureLove Me Tender (1956)1
14The Harder They Fall pictureThe Harder They Fall (1956)1
15Lust for Life pictureLust for Life (1956)1
16These Wilder Years (1956)1
17Between Heaven and Hell pictureBetween Heaven and Hell (1956)1
18The Mountain pictureThe Mountain (1956)1