Most comedy movie continuity mistakes of 1955

1Guys and Dolls pictureGuys and Dolls (1955)10
2Heir-Conditioned (1955)10
3Speedy Gonzales pictureSpeedy Gonzales (1955)8
4This Is a Life? pictureThis Is a Life? (1955)8
5One Froggy Evening pictureOne Froggy Evening (1955)6
6Pests for Guests (1955)6
7The Seven Year Itch pictureThe Seven Year Itch (1955)5
8The Court Jester pictureThe Court Jester (1955)5
9Roman Legion-Hare pictureRoman Legion-Hare (1955)5
10The Ladykillers pictureThe Ladykillers (1955)4
11The Hole Idea pictureThe Hole Idea (1955)3
12Mister Roberts pictureMister Roberts (1955)3
13The Trouble with Harry pictureThe Trouble with Harry (1955)3
14Guided Muscle pictureGuided Muscle (1955)2
15Pecos Pest (1955)2
16Ready.. Set.. Zoom! pictureReady.. Set.. Zoom! (1955)1

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