Most drama movie mistakes of 1947

1Born to Kill pictureBorn to Kill (1947)7
2Miracle on 34th Street pictureMiracle on 34th Street (1947)5
3Tycoon pictureTycoon (1947)2
4Brighton Rock pictureBrighton Rock (1947)1
5Black Narcissus pictureBlack Narcissus (1947)1
6Seven Were Saved (1947)1
7Pursued picturePursued (1947)1
8High Wall (1947)1
9They Won't Believe Me pictureThey Won't Believe Me (1947)1
10Out of the Past pictureOut of the Past (1947)1
11Possessed picturePossessed (1947)1
12The Bishop's Wife pictureThe Bishop's Wife (1947)1