Most western TV visible crew/equipment of all time

1Longmire pictureLongmire (2012)15
2The Wild Wild West pictureThe Wild Wild West (1965)15
3Bonanza pictureBonanza (1959)8
4The High Chaparral (1967)5
5Alias Smith and Jones pictureAlias Smith and Jones (1971)5
6Bat Masterson pictureBat Masterson (1958)2
7Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman pictureDr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (1993)2
8The Virginian pictureThe Virginian (1962)2
9Wagon Train pictureWagon Train (1957)1
10F Troop pictureF Troop (1965)1
11Barbary Coast (1975)1
12Kung Fu pictureKung Fu (1972)1
13Little House on the Prairie pictureLittle House on the Prairie (1974)1
14Gunsmoke pictureGunsmoke (1955)1
15Have Gun - Will Travel pictureHave Gun - Will Travel (1957)1
16Here Come the Brides pictureHere Come the Brides (1968)1
17Maverick pictureMaverick (1957)1



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