Most sci-fi TV visible crew/equipment of all time

1Red Dwarf pictureRed Dwarf (1988)122
2Doctor Who pictureDoctor Who (1963)66
3Farscape pictureFarscape (1999)56
4Star Trek pictureStar Trek (1966)43
5Star Trek: The Next Generation pictureStar Trek: The Next Generation (1987)37
6Wonder Woman pictureWonder Woman (1976)35
7The X-Files pictureThe X-Files (1993)34
8Blake's 7 pictureBlake's 7 (1978)32
9Doctor Who pictureDoctor Who (2005)26
10Smallville pictureSmallville (2001)20
11The Twilight Zone pictureThe Twilight Zone (1959)18
12The Wild Wild West pictureThe Wild Wild West (1965)15
13Night Gallery pictureNight Gallery (1970)13
14Firefly pictureFirefly (2002)13
15The Outer Limits pictureThe Outer Limits (1963)13
16Fringe pictureFringe (2008)12
17Stargate SG-1 pictureStargate SG-1 (1997)9
18Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles pictureTerminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (2008)8
19The Prisoner pictureThe Prisoner (1967)8
20The Changes (1975)7
21V pictureV (1984)7
22Roswell pictureRoswell (1999)6
23Thunderbirds pictureThunderbirds (1964)6
24Battlestar Galactica pictureBattlestar Galactica (1978)6
25Star Trek: Deep Space Nine pictureStar Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993)5
26Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea pictureVoyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964)5
27Heroes pictureHeroes (2006)5
28The Twilight Zone pictureThe Twilight Zone (1985)4
29Knight Rider pictureKnight Rider (1982)4
30Twin Peaks pictureTwin Peaks (1990)4