Most sci-fi TV mistakes of all time

1Red Dwarf pictureRed Dwarf (1988)726
2X-Men pictureX-Men (1992)694
3Doctor Who pictureDoctor Who (1963)528
4Star Trek pictureStar Trek (1966)508
5Smallville pictureSmallville (2001)492
6The X-Files pictureThe X-Files (1993)402
7Futurama pictureFuturama (1999)333
8Doctor Who pictureDoctor Who (2005)295
9Star Trek: The Next Generation pictureStar Trek: The Next Generation (1987)230
10The Wild Wild West pictureThe Wild Wild West (1965)210
11The Twilight Zone pictureThe Twilight Zone (1959)195
12Blake's 7 pictureBlake's 7 (1978)186
13Thunderbirds pictureThunderbirds (1964)184
14The Prisoner pictureThe Prisoner (1967)163
15Battlestar Galactica pictureBattlestar Galactica (1978)135
16Wonder Woman pictureWonder Woman (1976)115
17Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers pictureMighty Morphin' Power Rangers (1993)112
18Quantum Leap pictureQuantum Leap (1989)108
19Teen Titans pictureTeen Titans (2003)96
20Night Gallery pictureNight Gallery (1970)92
21Stargate SG-1 pictureStargate SG-1 (1997)85
22Star Trek: Voyager pictureStar Trek: Voyager (1995)83
23Knight Rider pictureKnight Rider (1982)82
24V pictureV (1984)80
25Firefly pictureFirefly (2002)79
26Farscape pictureFarscape (1999)75
27Roswell pictureRoswell (1999)71
28Heroes pictureHeroes (2006)63
29Dark Angel pictureDark Angel (2000)61
30Star Wars: Clone Wars pictureStar Wars: Clone Wars (2003)60



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