Most romance TV visible crew/equipment of all time

1Friends pictureFriends (1994)287
2Bones pictureBones (2005)16
3Beverly Hills, 90210 pictureBeverly Hills, 90210 (1990)14
4Frasier pictureFrasier (1993)12
5Charmed pictureCharmed (1998)12
6NewsRadio pictureNewsRadio (1995)11
7Sex and the City pictureSex and the City (1998)11
8Grey's Anatomy pictureGrey's Anatomy (2005)10
9Bonanza pictureBonanza (1959)8
10Roswell pictureRoswell (1999)6
11How I Met Your Mother pictureHow I Met Your Mother (2005)4
12Twin Peaks pictureTwin Peaks (1990)4
13That '70s Show pictureThat '70s Show (1998)4
14Beauty & the Beast pictureBeauty & the Beast (1987)3
15The O.C. pictureThe O.C. (2003)2
16Kindred: The Embraced pictureKindred: The Embraced (1996)2
17Gossip Girl pictureGossip Girl (2007)2
18Gavin & Stacey pictureGavin & Stacey (2007)2
19Little House on the Prairie pictureLittle House on the Prairie (1974)1
20The L Word pictureThe L Word (2004)1
21Pushing Daisies picturePushing Daisies (2007)1
22Pride and Prejudice picturePride and Prejudice (1995)1
23Martin pictureMartin (1992)1
24Robin Hood pictureRobin Hood (2006)1



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