Most reality TV mistakes of all time

1Top Gear pictureTop Gear (2002)18
2The Simple Life pictureThe Simple Life (2003)3
3The Apprentice pictureThe Apprentice (2004)2
4Overhaulin' pictureOverhaulin' (2004)1
5Summer Camp (2013)1
6The Joe Schmo Show pictureThe Joe Schmo Show (2003)1
7Undercover Boss pictureUndercover Boss (2010)1
8Ink Master pictureInk Master (2012)1
9Cheap Eats (2013)1
10Hell's Kitchen pictureHell's Kitchen (2005)1
11Storm Chasers pictureStorm Chasers (2007)1
12Dirty Jobs pictureDirty Jobs (2005)1
13Cake Boss pictureCake Boss (2009)1

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