Most history TV continuity mistakes of all time

1Blackadder pictureBlackadder (1986)28
2Band of Brothers pictureBand of Brothers (2001)12
3Vikings pictureVikings (2013)6
4The Pacific pictureThe Pacific (2010)4
5Underground pictureUnderground (2016)3
6Attila pictureAttila (2001)3
7The Blue and the Gray pictureThe Blue and the Gray (1982)3
8Rome pictureRome (2005)2
9Roots pictureRoots (1977)2
10Daniel Boone pictureDaniel Boone (1964)2
11Tut pictureTut (2015)1
12Victoria pictureVictoria (2016)1
13Shogun pictureShogun (1980)1
14Medici: Masters of Florence pictureMedici: Masters of Florence (2016)1
15Kr√łniken (2004)1
16The Tudors pictureThe Tudors (2007)1
17Edward the King pictureEdward the King (1975)1