Most drama TV mistakes of all time

1Emergency! pictureEmergency! (1972)1508
2Buffy The Vampire Slayer pictureBuffy The Vampire Slayer (1997)628
3M*A*S*H pictureM*A*S*H (1972)541
4Doctor Who pictureDoctor Who (1963)528
5Smallville pictureSmallville (2001)492
6The X-Files pictureThe X-Files (1993)404
7Charmed pictureCharmed (1998)394
8NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service pictureNCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service (2003)355
9Lost pictureLost (2004)345
10Monk pictureMonk (2002)333
11Scrubs pictureScrubs (2001)312
12Doctor Who pictureDoctor Who (2005)297
13Once Upon a Time pictureOnce Upon a Time (2011)279
14ER pictureER (1994)252
15CSI: Crime Scene Investigation pictureCSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2000)217
16Breaking Bad pictureBreaking Bad (2008)217
17The Wild Wild West pictureThe Wild Wild West (1965)210
18Dawson's Creek pictureDawson's Creek (1998)197
19The Twilight Zone pictureThe Twilight Zone (1959)195
20Desperate Housewives pictureDesperate Housewives (2004)194
21Blake's 7 pictureBlake's 7 (1978)186
22Bones pictureBones (2005)184
2324 picture24 (2001)173
24The Prisoner pictureThe Prisoner (1967)163
25Days of Our Lives pictureDays of Our Lives (1965)150
26Passions picturePassions (1999)146
27Hawaii Five-O pictureHawaii Five-O (1968)145
28Angel pictureAngel (1999)130
29The West Wing pictureThe West Wing (1999)123
30Grey's Anatomy pictureGrey's Anatomy (2005)122



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