Most crime TV revealing mistakes of all time

1The Adventures of Tintin pictureThe Adventures of Tintin (1991)97
2The Twilight Zone pictureThe Twilight Zone (1959)48
3Get Smart pictureGet Smart (1965)31
4CSI: Crime Scene Investigation pictureCSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2000)31
5Monk pictureMonk (2002)27
6Knight Rider pictureKnight Rider (1982)26
7NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service pictureNCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service (2003)25
8Batman pictureBatman (1966)21
9Hawaii Five-O pictureHawaii Five-O (1968)18
1024 picture24 (2001)16
11Prison Break picturePrison Break (2005)14
12The Fugitive pictureThe Fugitive (1963)14
13Forever Knight pictureForever Knight (1992)11
14South Park pictureSouth Park (1997)11
15The Sopranos pictureThe Sopranos (1999)11
16CSI: NY pictureCSI: NY (2004)10
17Dexter pictureDexter (2006)9
18Sons of Anarchy pictureSons of Anarchy (2008)9
19CSI: Miami pictureCSI: Miami (2002)8
20The A-Team pictureThe A-Team (1983)8
21JAG pictureJAG (1995)7
22Breaking Bad pictureBreaking Bad (2008)7
23Castle pictureCastle (2009)7
24Spider-Man pictureSpider-Man (1994)7
25Bones pictureBones (2005)6
26Richard Diamond, Private Detective pictureRichard Diamond, Private Detective (1957)6
27Criminal Minds pictureCriminal Minds (2005)6
28Sherlock pictureSherlock (2010)5
29The Blacklist pictureThe Blacklist (2013)5
30Charlie's Angels pictureCharlie's Angels (1976)5