Most comedy TV character mistakes of all time

1The Big Bang Theory pictureThe Big Bang Theory (2007)28
2The Simpsons pictureThe Simpsons (1989)15
3Hogan's Heroes pictureHogan's Heroes (1965)13
4Friends pictureFriends (1994)10
5Family Guy pictureFamily Guy (1999)9
6SpongeBob SquarePants pictureSpongeBob SquarePants (1999)9
7Monk pictureMonk (2002)8
8M*A*S*H pictureM*A*S*H (1972)8
9Full House pictureFull House (1987)8
10Scrubs pictureScrubs (2001)6
11Charmed pictureCharmed (1998)6
12Pokemon picturePokemon (1998)6
13The Cosby Show pictureThe Cosby Show (1984)5
14Frasier pictureFrasier (1993)5
15The Office pictureThe Office (2005)5
16Seinfeld pictureSeinfeld (1990)4
17Community pictureCommunity (2009)4
18American Dad pictureAmerican Dad (2005)4
19Get Smart pictureGet Smart (1965)4
20The Golden Girls pictureThe Golden Girls (1985)3
21How I Met Your Mother pictureHow I Met Your Mother (2005)3
22The King of Queens pictureThe King of Queens (1998)3
23Grey's Anatomy pictureGrey's Anatomy (2005)3
24Titus pictureTitus (2000)3
25Leave It To Beaver pictureLeave It To Beaver (1957)3
26Saved by the Bell pictureSaved by the Bell (1989)3
27The Cleveland Show pictureThe Cleveland Show (2009)3
28Monty Python's Flying Circus pictureMonty Python's Flying Circus (1969)3
29Glee pictureGlee (2009)3
30Gilmore Girls pictureGilmore Girls (2000)3