Most sport movie character mistakes of all time

1Miracle pictureMiracle (2004)4
2The Blind Side pictureThe Blind Side (2009)3
3Space Jam pictureSpace Jam (1996)2
4Ice Princess pictureIce Princess (2005)2
5The Natural pictureThe Natural (1984)1
6Rocky III pictureRocky III (1982)1
7The Chump Champ (1950)1
8Rocky IV pictureRocky IV (1985)1
9Baseball Bugs pictureBaseball Bugs (1946)1
10Rookie of the Year pictureRookie of the Year (1993)1
11Creed pictureCreed (2015)1
12The Waterboy pictureThe Waterboy (1998)1
13Snow Dogs pictureSnow Dogs (2002)1
14Over The Top pictureOver The Top (1987)1
15School Ties pictureSchool Ties (1992)1
16Necessary Roughness pictureNecessary Roughness (1991)1
17Angels in the Outfield pictureAngels in the Outfield (1994)1
18Stick It pictureStick It (2006)1
19Fever Pitch pictureFever Pitch (1997)1
20Rocky Balboa pictureRocky Balboa (2006)1
21Field of Dreams pictureField of Dreams (1989)1
22We Are Marshall pictureWe Are Marshall (2006)1
23The Karate Kid pictureThe Karate Kid (1984)1
24Here Come the Tigers pictureHere Come the Tigers (1978)1

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