Most short movie trivia of all time

1Ballot Box Bunny pictureBallot Box Bunny (1951)5
2Superman pictureSuperman (1941)4
3Bugs Bunny Rides Again pictureBugs Bunny Rides Again (1948)3
4Gone Batty (1954)3
5Knight-Mare Hare pictureKnight-Mare Hare (1955)3
6Hare Do pictureHare Do (1949)3
7One Froggy Evening pictureOne Froggy Evening (1955)3
8Rabbit of Seville pictureRabbit of Seville (1950)3
9Ain't That Ducky pictureAin't That Ducky (1945)3
10Stupor Duck pictureStupor Duck (1956)3
11Three Little Bops pictureThree Little Bops (1957)3
12The Hoose-Gow pictureThe Hoose-Gow (1929)2
13Honey's Money (1962)2
14The Scarlet Pumpernickel pictureThe Scarlet Pumpernickel (1950)2
15False Hare pictureFalse Hare (1964)2
16Devil's Feud Cake (1963)2
17Quackodile Tears pictureQuackodile Tears (1962)2
18Daffy Duck and the Dinosaur pictureDaffy Duck and the Dinosaur (1939)2
19Wallace & Gromit: A Close Shave pictureWallace & Gromit: A Close Shave (1995)2
20Canned Feud pictureCanned Feud (1951)2
21Kit for Cat pictureKit for Cat (1948)2
22Fast and Furry-ous pictureFast and Furry-ous (1949)2
23Putty Tat Trouble picturePutty Tat Trouble (1951)2
24Tweetie Pie pictureTweetie Pie (1947)2
25A Grand Day Out with Wallace and Gromit pictureA Grand Day Out with Wallace and Gromit (1989)2
26The Missing Mouse pictureThe Missing Mouse (1953)2
27The Music Box pictureThe Music Box (1932)2
28Punch Trunk (1953)2
29The Wise Quacking Duck pictureThe Wise Quacking Duck (1943)2
30Herr Meets Hare (1945)2