Most sci-fi movie factual errors of all time

1The Day After Tomorrow pictureThe Day After Tomorrow (2004)24
2Independence Day pictureIndependence Day (1996)24
3Armageddon pictureArmageddon (1998)23
4Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen pictureTransformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)23
5The Core pictureThe Core (2003)23
62012 picture2012 (2009)21
7Battleship pictureBattleship (2012)19
8Space Cowboys pictureSpace Cowboys (2000)17
9X-Men: First Class pictureX-Men: First Class (2011)17
10Hollow Man pictureHollow Man (2000)14
11Moonraker pictureMoonraker (1979)14
12Men in Black III pictureMen in Black III (2012)13
13Super 8 pictureSuper 8 (2011)13
14Transformers: Dark of the Moon pictureTransformers: Dark of the Moon (2011)12
15Godzilla pictureGodzilla (1998)12
16You Only Live Twice pictureYou Only Live Twice (1967)11
17Back to the Future Part III pictureBack to the Future Part III (1990)11
18Transformers pictureTransformers (2007)10
19Captain America: The First Avenger pictureCaptain America: The First Avenger (2011)10
20Rocketman pictureRocketman (1997)10
21Deep Impact pictureDeep Impact (1998)9
22Godzilla pictureGodzilla (2014)9
23Superman IV: The Quest for Peace pictureSuperman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987)9
24The Martian pictureThe Martian (2015)9
25Diamonds are Forever pictureDiamonds are Forever (1971)9
26Red Planet pictureRed Planet (2000)9
27Wild Wild West pictureWild Wild West (1999)9
28Hulk pictureHulk (2003)8
29War of the Worlds pictureWar of the Worlds (2005)8
30Hot Tub Time Machine pictureHot Tub Time Machine (2010)8

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