Most romance movie easter eggs of all time

1Mallrats pictureMallrats (1995)6
2Moulin Rouge pictureMoulin Rouge (2001)5
3Wall-E pictureWall-E (2008)4
4The Little Mermaid pictureThe Little Mermaid (1989)3
5The Phantom of the Opera pictureThe Phantom of the Opera (2004)3
6Agent Cody Banks pictureAgent Cody Banks (2003)2
7Little Nicky pictureLittle Nicky (2000)2
8Step Up 2: The Streets pictureStep Up 2: The Streets (2008)2
9Thirteen pictureThirteen (2003)2
10Camp Rock pictureCamp Rock (2008)2
11Shrek pictureShrek (2001)2
12Adventureland pictureAdventureland (2009)2
13American Pie 2 pictureAmerican Pie 2 (2001)1
14Mr. Deeds pictureMr. Deeds (2002)1
15Sideways pictureSideways (2004)1
16Basic Instinct pictureBasic Instinct (1992)1
17King Kong pictureKing Kong (2005)1
18Bedazzled pictureBedazzled (2000)1
19What A Girl Wants pictureWhat A Girl Wants (2003)1
20Just Friends pictureJust Friends (2005)1
21Dracula pictureDracula (1992)1
22Anger Management pictureAnger Management (2003)1
23Date Movie pictureDate Movie (2006)1
24Bull Durham pictureBull Durham (1988)1
25The Pink Panther pictureThe Pink Panther (1963)1
26The Heartbreak Kid pictureThe Heartbreak Kid (2007)1
27My Boss's Daughter pictureMy Boss's Daughter (2003)1
28Dan in Real Life pictureDan in Real Life (2007)1
29Under the Tuscan Sun pictureUnder the Tuscan Sun (2003)1
30Enchanted pictureEnchanted (2007)1