Most romance movie mistakes of all time

1The Birds pictureThe Birds (1963)546
2Titanic pictureTitanic (1997)277
3Beauty and the Beast pictureBeauty and the Beast (1991)258
4Troy pictureTroy (2004)223
5Superman II pictureSuperman II (1980)196
6Aladdin pictureAladdin (1992)188
7Pearl Harbor picturePearl Harbor (2001)184
8The Little Mermaid pictureThe Little Mermaid (1989)173
9Superman pictureSuperman (1978)168
10Peter Pan picturePeter Pan (2003)167
11Now and Then pictureNow and Then (1995)153
12Rosemary's Baby pictureRosemary's Baby (1968)149
13Top Gun pictureTop Gun (1986)128
14Twilight pictureTwilight (2008)127
15Just Married pictureJust Married (2003)103
1617 Again picture17 Again (2009)97
17Mr. Deeds pictureMr. Deeds (2002)97
18Dumb and Dumber pictureDumb and Dumber (1994)93
19King Kong pictureKing Kong (2005)89
20The Lion King pictureThe Lion King (1994)88
21From Russia With Love pictureFrom Russia With Love (1963)87
22Grease pictureGrease (1978)86
23True Lies pictureTrue Lies (1994)86
24Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince pictureHarry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009)85
25Smokey and the Bandit pictureSmokey and the Bandit (1977)84
26The Phantom of the Opera pictureThe Phantom of the Opera (2004)83
27Armageddon pictureArmageddon (1998)80
28Two Weeks Notice pictureTwo Weeks Notice (2002)78
29Animal House pictureAnimal House (1978)77
30Jumanji pictureJumanji (1995)75



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