Most Pixar movie mistake pictures of all time

1Toy Story pictureToy Story (1995)35
2The Incredibles pictureThe Incredibles (2004)12
3Monsters, Inc. pictureMonsters, Inc. (2001)10
4Toy Story 2 pictureToy Story 2 (1999)9
5Finding Nemo pictureFinding Nemo (2003)7
6Ratatouille pictureRatatouille (2007)4
7Wall-E pictureWall-E (2008)4
8Finding Dory pictureFinding Dory (2016)4
9Inside Out pictureInside Out (2015)2
10Cars pictureCars (2006)1
11Toy Story 3 pictureToy Story 3 (2010)1

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