Most history movie audio problems of all time

1Troy pictureTroy (2004)9
2Casino pictureCasino (1995)6
3King Arthur pictureKing Arthur (2004)4
4The Longest Day pictureThe Longest Day (1962)4
5The Alamo pictureThe Alamo (2004)2
6Enemy at the Gates pictureEnemy at the Gates (2001)2
7The Man in the Iron Mask pictureThe Man in the Iron Mask (1998)2
8The Other Boleyn Girl pictureThe Other Boleyn Girl (2008)2
9We Were Soldiers pictureWe Were Soldiers (2002)2
10Anna and the King pictureAnna and the King (1999)2
11Luther pictureLuther (2003)2
12Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon pictureCrouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000)1
13Elizabeth pictureElizabeth (1998)1
14Jesus Christ Superstar pictureJesus Christ Superstar (1973)1
15Glory pictureGlory (1989)1
16The Great Escape pictureThe Great Escape (1963)1
17Kingdom of Heaven pictureKingdom of Heaven (2005)1
18United 93 pictureUnited 93 (2006)1
19The Spirit of St. Louis pictureThe Spirit of St. Louis (1957)1
20Schindler's List pictureSchindler's List (1993)1
21Flags of Our Fathers pictureFlags of Our Fathers (2006)1
22The Untouchables pictureThe Untouchables (1987)1
23Amazing Grace pictureAmazing Grace (2006)1
24Waterloo pictureWaterloo (1970)1
25The Social Network pictureThe Social Network (2010)1
26Druids pictureDruids (2001)1
27Max Manus pictureMax Manus (2008)1
28Amistad pictureAmistad (1997)1
29The Amityville Horror pictureThe Amityville Horror (1979)1
30Zero Dark Thirty pictureZero Dark Thirty (2012)1



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