Most film noir movie mistakes of all time

1The Big Sleep pictureThe Big Sleep (1946)206
2Niagara pictureNiagara (1953)85
3The Maltese Falcon pictureThe Maltese Falcon (1941)50
4Sunset Blvd. pictureSunset Blvd. (1950)14
5Strangers on a Train pictureStrangers on a Train (1951)11
6The Night of the Hunter pictureThe Night of the Hunter (1955)8
7Double Indemnity pictureDouble Indemnity (1944)7
8Born to Kill pictureBorn to Kill (1947)7
9Key Largo pictureKey Largo (1948)5
10Suspicion pictureSuspicion (1941)4
11Notorious pictureNotorious (1946)4
12White Heat pictureWhite Heat (1949)3
13Mildred Pierce pictureMildred Pierce (1945)3
14The Postman Always Rings Twice pictureThe Postman Always Rings Twice (1946)3
15The Asphalt Jungle pictureThe Asphalt Jungle (1950)2
16The Third Man pictureThe Third Man (1949)2
17M pictureM (1931)2
18Shadow of a Doubt pictureShadow of a Doubt (1943)2
19Night and the City pictureNight and the City (1950)2
20Jail Bait pictureJail Bait (1954)1
21This Gun For Hire pictureThis Gun For Hire (1942)1
22High Wall (1947)1
23They Won't Believe Me pictureThey Won't Believe Me (1947)1
24The Woman in the Window pictureThe Woman in the Window (1944)1
25Out of the Past pictureOut of the Past (1947)1
26Gilda pictureGilda (1946)1
27The Roaring Twenties pictureThe Roaring Twenties (1939)1
28Ministry of Fear pictureMinistry of Fear (1944)1
29Possessed picturePossessed (1947)1
30Brighton Rock pictureBrighton Rock (1947)1



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