Most drama movie questions of all time

1Titanic pictureTitanic (1997)112
2The Phantom of the Opera pictureThe Phantom of the Opera (2004)77
3Donnie Darko pictureDonnie Darko (2001)37
4Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince pictureHarry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009)34
5I Am Legend pictureI Am Legend (2007)31
6The Shawshank Redemption pictureThe Shawshank Redemption (1994)31
7Saving Private Ryan pictureSaving Private Ryan (1998)31
8Pulp Fiction picturePulp Fiction (1994)29
9Beauty and the Beast pictureBeauty and the Beast (1991)28
10Forrest Gump pictureForrest Gump (1994)26
11The Godfather pictureThe Godfather (1972)26
12The Butterfly Effect pictureThe Butterfly Effect (2004)25
13Iron Man pictureIron Man (2008)24
14Love Actually pictureLove Actually (2003)23
15Collateral pictureCollateral (2004)22
16Star Trek pictureStar Trek (2009)22
17Moulin Rouge pictureMoulin Rouge (2001)22
18The Truman Show pictureThe Truman Show (1998)21
19Gladiator pictureGladiator (2000)20
20Mean Girls pictureMean Girls (2004)19
21The Usual Suspects pictureThe Usual Suspects (1995)19
22Reservoir Dogs pictureReservoir Dogs (1992)18
23The Passion of the Christ pictureThe Passion of the Christ (2004)17
24The Green Mile pictureThe Green Mile (1999)17
25The Prestige pictureThe Prestige (2006)17
26The Sixth Sense pictureThe Sixth Sense (1999)16
27Black Hawk Down pictureBlack Hawk Down (2001)16
28Chicago pictureChicago (2002)16
29The Lion King pictureThe Lion King (1994)16
30Watchmen pictureWatchmen (2009)16