Most biography movie deliberate mistakes of all time

1The Babe Ruth Story pictureThe Babe Ruth Story (1948)2
2Cannibal! The Musical pictureCannibal! The Musical (1993)2
3Braveheart pictureBraveheart (1995)1
4The Krays pictureThe Krays (1990)1
5Cleopatra pictureCleopatra (1963)1
6The Jesse Ventura Story (1999)1
7Alexander pictureAlexander (2004)1
8JFK pictureJFK (1991)1
9The Aviator pictureThe Aviator (2004)1
10The Last Emperor pictureThe Last Emperor (1987)1
11Cinderella Man pictureCinderella Man (2005)1
12Mask pictureMask (1985)1
13Marie Antoinette pictureMarie Antoinette (2006)1
14Schindler's List pictureSchindler's List (1993)1
15127 Hours picture127 Hours (2010)1
16The Madness of King George pictureThe Madness of King George (1994)1
17Silkwood pictureSilkwood (1983)1
18A Beautiful Mind pictureA Beautiful Mind (2001)1
19The Elephant Man pictureThe Elephant Man (1980)1
20Before Night Falls pictureBefore Night Falls (2000)1
21Auto Focus pictureAuto Focus (2002)1
22Topsy-Turvy pictureTopsy-Turvy (1999)1
23De-lovely pictureDe-lovely (2004)1