Tricia Webster

Mother - S4-E20

Continuity mistake: When Mary Margaret gets thrown by the Lily dragon into a rock, her blood smear on her head is large and messy. They cut away and cut back to her quickly and it is nice and neat with two blood drop lines slowly forming away from the cut. (00:44:00)

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Dreamy - S1-E14

Continuity mistake: Leroy is walking by and Astrid she accidentally dumps glitter on his head. She wipes his face off; he has glitter on his moustache. It disappears. The camera pans back to him and there is glitter on his moustache again.

Tricia Webster Premium member

Skin Deep - S1-E12

Continuity mistake: Belle is talking to Rumplestiltskin and sitting on his dining room table. The red rose in the vase he gave her keeps moving. It is leaning to the right, to straight up, then to leaning to the right again. Neither of them touch it, so it should not be shifting around.

Tricia Webster Premium member

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