19th Jul 2022

ER (1994)

Let It Snow - S15-E9

Other mistake: Sam is in the bathroom washing her hands. As she goes to leave, 'Ladies Room' is on the glass of the door, however it is oriented facing the inside of the room. It should appear backwards so it would be seen correctly from the outside, not inside. (00:39:52)


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Suggested correction: This shot opens on a closeup of Sam's hands under the faucet, as she stands at the sink washing her face, in front of the mirror on the wall over the sink. Watch as the camera faces the mirror, so it's Sam's reflection drying her face and walking out the bathroom door. "Ladies room" is printed on the exterior side of the door's glass window. From the interior side the words are reversed, but since the camera faces the mirror, viewers see the reflection of the words the right way, not reversed.

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