19th Sep 2010

Aliens (1986)

Corrected entry: There is NO WAY that the entire crew of a Marine Transport is composed of two squads. When the Marines all go down to the surface, it's ALL the Marines, resulting in having to remote pilot the second landing craft down. As someone with over 20 years experience in the Military, I can safely say that this vessel would have a crew that would include -among others- a pilot, copilot, navigator, engineer, communications officer, medic, and several crew members to maintain the food and life support systems, various cargo loaders, drop ships, and weapons systems of the ship (which are visible in exterior shots). There is no way that a bunch of Privates would be qualified to do those tasks- their Military Occupation Specialties are 0300 series/combat related NOT support related. Those are apples and oranges.


Correction: This mistake makes several assumptions. The Sulaco demonstrably has enough automation to travel to LV-426 without a crew. So why crew her? The Corporation thinks that 2 squads are enough. 2 squads of Marines must have been enough to handle similar situations in the past. So why send a company or more? The Sulaco is entering a situation where there will be no hostile starships, so why man her weapons or provide a warship escort? Ferro, Gorman and Bishop provide the specialized skills deemed necessary for this mission. So why send more officers or techs? The company, always concerned about the bottom line, sent exactly what they thought was necessary and not a bit more.

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Corrected entry: When Kyle captures a terminator by his foot using a cable, the terminator shoots his own foot off to get away. Since the cable would appear stationary since it is attached to the terminator, it would have been just as easy for it to shoot the cable a mere 6 feet away instead of blowing its own foot off. Something like a terminator that is designed to kill everything should have a targeting system that can engage a cable at 6 feet.


Correction: The captured Terminator is a T-600, and has been stated throughout the Terminator movies as being far inferior to the T-800 and doesn't have the same thought processes as the superior Terminators, therefore its decision to shoot off its own foot shows just how useless a design it was and why it was superceeded.


Corrected entry: After John traps the motorcycle terminator, he hotwires it and rides off. Why would an autonomous robot have external controls such as an accelerator or brakes?


Correction: Already submitted and corrected, I believe. The Moto-Terminator has external controls to facilitate use and operation by Humanoid Terminator models, should the need ever arise.

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