27th May 2011

Angel (1999)

Awakening - S4-E10

Other mistake: The Chinese writing shown tattooed all over Wo-Pang's body is nonsense (a small number of random characters repeatedly jumbled together), although Wesley reads it as if it is language. (Although one might argue that the writing is meant to be some sort of code, there is no evidence in the show itself to suggest that, and Wesley refers to "translating" rather than "decoding" it; for these reasons it is more likely to be simply a mistake rather than an intentional decision.) (00:16:40)


13th Apr 2011

Twin Peaks (1990)

Episode Three - S1-E3

Continuity mistake: At about 23:21, Dale Cooper is writing on a chalkboard that has the letters R and T on it, not circled. Moments later, at 23:30, the letters are circled, even though Cooper has not marked the board. (00:23:20)


Season 7 generally

Character mistake: Giles picks up the potential slayer Chao-Ahn from Shanghai in Episode 7.12, "Potential". However, when she arrives in Sunnydale (Episode 7.14, "First Date"), the language she speaks is neither Mandarin nor Shanghainese (the two main languages spoken in Shanghai), but Cantonese, which is not widely spoken there. (00:08:55)


Intervention - S5-E18

Revealing mistake: When Buffy is walking alone into the desert, a man's legs are visible in the upper-right corner of the frame and remain visible for a second or two. (00:03:35)


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