14th Jul 2003

Analyze That (2002)

Corrected entry: When Paul is attempting to be a car salesman, he becomes flustered that the couple he is talking with are driving a Lexus. He begins ranting about the Lexus being a Toyota, about Pearl Harbor, etc. However, after his entire anti-foreign, pro-American car speech (which does not get him a sale), we see that he is not selling American - he is selling Audis.


Correction: This is not a pro-American rant that Vitti went on, he was just trying to convince the couple not to buy a Japanese car because of what happened in Pearl Harbor, thus buying an Audi wouldn't support the Japanese market (it wouldn't support the U.S. either but either way it's one less Japanese car on the road). So Vitti isn't necessarily a hypocrite.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, when Andie is leaving NY for her job interview in DC, her cab crosses the Manhattan Bridge (this is evidenced by the parting shot which shows the Brooklyn Bridge as the next bridge down river). She is supposed to be going for a job interview in DC. Where is she going? The quickest and most economical way from NY to DC is AMTRAK (Penn Station - 34th and 7th). If she were flying (for whatever reason) the NY-DC shuttles leave from LaGuardia. And if she were going to LaGuardia, the Queens Midtown Tunnel or the Queensboro Bridge would have been the quickest routes.


Correction: There is NO way Amtrak is the quickest way from NY to DC (At least 3 hours). Flights are airborne for 39 minutes. You MIGHT take the Willamsburg or Manhattan bridges if you needed to get to KENNEDY airport, which often has lower last-minute fare prices to DC than LaGuardia.

2nd Sep 2003

About Schmidt (2002)

Corrected entry: After Schmidt takes his daughter to the Omaha airport, he goes out to his car (a recent model Cadillac), and it won't start. Next, we see the tow truck pulling up. We never see his Caddy again. Two weeks later, he takes off in the Winnebago, with the Caddy nowhere to be seen. What happened to it?


Correction: At no point after the Cadillac gets towed you get to see enough of the driveway or the street in front of the house to say that the car is gone. A stronger argument is that Warren uses the mobile home even to run small errands, like shopping or beating up Jay for having had an affair with his wife. In my opinion, the car could still be in the workshop as he had totally fallen apart in the first weeks after his wife's death and probably had no mind for such minor worries.


Show generally

Corrected entry: At the end of Season 5, Buffy died. She was still dead into Season 6, before Willow raised her. Spike says she was dead 147 days. When one slayer dies, another takes her place (i.e., Kendra). The slayer's death does not have to be reported to anyone (example: the Council), as when Buffy died the first time and Xander gave her mouth-to-mouth to bring her back (she was only dead for a few minutes). A few episodes later - voila, Kendra. So, where was the new slayer after Buffy died at the end of Season 5?


Correction: Joss Whedon explained this one himself in an interview. He explained that when Buffy died the first time that triggered Kendra (and after Kendra died, this triggered Faith). Joss explained that the triggering ability only works once for each slayer so Buffy's second death would not call another slayer whereas Faith's death would.

26th Aug 2003

Chicago (2002)

Corrected entry: In the opening dance number (the number which is supposed to be a duet for Velma and her sister), there are other dancers involved - some of which have direct interaction with Velma. As this was supposed to be a dual dance number, what happened to the dancers that were supposed to interface with Velma's sister? And the ones who were supposed to be the background for her? They would have had to have been on stage, as no one knew it was only going to be Velma there. So where were they?


Correction: When the manager asks her where Veronica is she says that she's by herself tonight. All of the dancers were backstage so they would have heard.

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