Separate Tables
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Continuity mistake: When Major Pollock sits down at his table in the dining room, he takes the napkin's ring off and after it falls he places the ring on the table and the napkin on his lap, but when John says, "Good morning," the Major's napkin is rolled in its ring and back on the table, then it's gone again. (01:35:00)

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Visible crew/equipment: While Pat's setting napkins on the tables in the dining room, she tells John that she always knew in her heart that John was still in love with Ann, and just as John walks around the table the actor's tape mark can be seen on the floor, in front of his feet. (TV fullscreen version). (01:01:05)

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Visible crew/equipment: At the end, after Pollock tells Pat that he'll have lunch at the usual time, when it cuts to the wideshot the moving camera's reflection can be seen on the window panel, as the camera crane tracks out. (01:39:00)

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Trivia: David Niven won the Best Actor Academy Award for his role of Major Angus Pollock, even though he had only 16 minutes of screen time.

Mrs. Railton-Bell: Are you on the side of Mr. Malcolm and his defense of vice or are you on the side of the Christian virtues - like Mr. Fowler and myself?
John Malcolm: Never in my life have I heard a question so disgracefully begged. You should be in politics, Mrs. Railton-Bell.

Mrs. Railton-Bell: I have no curiosity about the working classes.

Ann Shankland: I didn't mean any harm.
John Malcolm: That's when you do the most damage.
Ann Shankland: We all make mistakes.
John Malcolm: You specialize in them.

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