The Conspirator

Factual error: Early in the film following Lincoln's assassination, we see a newspaper stating that Lincoln's body is being transported to his final resting place of "Springfield IL". At that time the state either wouldn't have been shortened, or "Ill." would have been used. The two letter state name abbreviations were not introduced until the 1960s, at the same time as ZIP codes.


Frederick Aiken: I think she's as guilty as Booth. How can I possibly defend her?
Reverdy Johnson: You assume that she's guilty, like the Commission. You don't have any proof.
Frederick Aiken: Proof or no, don't give a damn what happens to her.
Reverdy Johnson: I tell you what. If you can prove that she's guilty, you can take yourself off the case.
Frederick Aiken: Thank you, sir.
Reverdy Johnson: You think it'll be that easy?
Frederick Aiken: I know it.

Edwin Stanton: No. Damn it! No. No, she must be punished to the full extent. I want these people buried and forgotten.
Joseph Holt: The majority prefer a more merciful sentence, life in prison on account of her age, gender.
Edwin Stanton: I give Mr. Aiken credit. He knew just how to use the daughter.
Joseph Holt: It seems so.
Edwin Stanton: You made my sentiments known to the Commission?
Joseph Holt: Their minds are made.
Edwin Stanton: Then let us change them.

Frederick Aiken: If John Surratt was part of this conspiracy, I pray that he receives every punishment known to man. But if his mother can be convicted on such insufficient evidence, I tell you, none of you are safe.
Frederick Aiken: Members of the commission, do not permit this injustice to Mary Surratt by sacrificing our sacred rights out of revenge. Too many of us have laid down our lives to preserve them.

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