Carry on Loving

Continuity mistake: When the man puts jelly down his wife's dress during the food fight, Jenny Grubb's arm is not on the table. In the next scene, her arm is resting on the table, but in the scene after that, her arm is back in its normal position.

Continuity mistake: When Jenny pushes Terence's face into a cream pie in the food fight sequence towards the end of the film, the holder containing a bottle of champagne behind them changes position between shots.

Continuity mistake: When Mr Snooper tells Robinson that he was trying to give Mr and Mrs Dreery some "good advice", Mrs Dreery can be seen looking towards the ground, but in the next shot she is looking directly at her husband.

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Trivia: Charles Hawtrey initially turned down the role of James Bedsop because producer Peter Rogers said that Hawtrey should not have third billing due to the size of Hattie Jacques' part, and his part being small. But in the end, Rogers relented.

Trivia: Richard O'Callaghan, who plays Bertram Muffet, is the son of Patricia Hayes who played Mrs. Beasley in 'Carry On Again Doctor'.

Trivia: The office used for the Wedded Bliss Agency was the same one used for "Carry On Regardless".

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Sidney Bliss: I don't want much. Just to worship at your feet.
Esme Crowfoot: I've got better bits.

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