Transmorphers: Fall of Man

Continuity mistake: When the Sheriff and the two people in the police car get rescued in another black SUV, the license plate changes from when they are picked up to when the stop at the base.


Revealing mistake: Just after the girl gets killed by the flying robot between the two yellow digger machines, the rest of the group start firing at the robot. If you watch the robot, the same animation of the robot is repeated over and over again every time the camera cuts back to it.


Other mistake: Van Ryberg is supposed to have been a Specialist in the Army. Part of Army training no matter what country that Army is from has basic first aid training, a Specialist would have more than basic level first aid training. Its therefore unlikely he'd make the mistake of pulling out the piece of shrapnel from the Doctors leg, considering it could cause more damage and problems than just leaving it where it is.

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