Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

Revealing mistake: When Dewey is singing the protest song about midgets in 1966, modern cars can be seen driving in the background.

Factual error: Young Dewey is seen driving a tractor near the beginning of the movie. The year is supposed to be 1946, but the tractor is a 1950's Ford.

Revealing mistake: When the black singer of the band of the nightclub can't perform, Dewey steps up to prove his worth. When he starts getting really into it, he joins the piano player in playing some tunes. You can see some keys playing, but they are not being touched by either person. (00:20:50)

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Ma Cox: I'm just so glad you learned to play the guitar so good... even without having a sense of smell.
Dewey Cox: It's okay mama, I learned how to play by ear.

Eddie Vedder: If Elvis and Buddy Holly are the Cain and Abel of rock and roll, Bruce Springsteen is Zachariah, Iggy Pop is Methuselah, and, of course, Neil Young is the wise prophet Ezekiel, then what does that make Dewey Cox?

Pa Cox: You're not half the boy Nate was. You're not even half the boy that the top half of Nate was after you cut him in half.
Dewey - Age 8: So you're saying I'm less than a quarter of the boy Nate was?

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