Cherry 2000

Continuity mistake: When Sam goes into "The Sinker" bar, he goes over and talks to Stacy at the table. When he slips Stacy a photo of the Cherry 2000, between a wideshot and closeup the glasses on the table around Stacy change, as he looks at the photo. (00:22:05)

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Audio problem: When E. Johnson and Sam are hiding behind a pile of tyres, spying on Lester, after Lester's group has pushed the caravan off the cliff, Johnson gets up and says "We're gonna take a little detour," but her mouth is shut. (00:32:00)

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Continuity mistake: When Sam is watching over Cherry as she gets some rest in the car, he walks over to the edge of the cliff. There is only one tyre by the edge, but in the next shot another tyre has appeared, a little further behind the first one. (00:30:40)

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