Continuity mistake: Sherman helps Louise put on her uniform from the back, but the zipper is in the front. When she turns around, no seams/zippers/etc. appear on the back of the uniform. This takes place just as she gets out of the shower.


Continuity mistake: The first time Kris Kristofferson is listening to the cockpit recording, Louise interrupts him during the part where the crew is screaming that the crew "is all burned up" and so on. The next time she goes back in time to repeat the action, she interrupts him much earlier in the tape. This can't be, as explained by the Paradox Theory in the movie itself.


Trivia: Much like the set of War of the Worlds, the set of this crash was so realistic, that airline pilots near Toronto were calling in a downed aircraft as they flew near it, unaware that it was staged for the filming of this movie.


Bill Smith: The first rule is: Never sleep with anyone who's crazier than you are. I don't know if you're crazier, but you're right up there on the top 10 of my weird list, lady.
Louise Baltimore: If you knew me better, I'd be number one.

Coventry: You're talking about changing the past, and I know damn well we can't change the past! It catches up to us, and changes us.
Louise Baltimore: Well, we haven't changed much. We're all still dying, this place still stinks, and you are still as ugly as ever.

Louise Baltimore: Your mother was a cash register.
Sherman: And she turned a tidy profit.

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