The Prize

Continuity mistake: Paul Newman and the Count are in the car heading to the rehearsals. When they are about to arrive, the background behind the Count shows a pier, but when the angle changes the background behind Newman shows the car surrounded by buildings.

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Continuity mistake: When Paul Newman is about to exit the car and head to the rehearsals, a woman in white walks behind the taxi, but disappears in the wide shot.

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Continuity mistake: At the end of the film, Paul Newman is lying on his back with the assassin on top trying to stab him. In close up shots the roof has a small silver coloured rust that disappears in the wider angle.

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Count Bertil Jacobsson: Can you smile, Mr. Craig?
Andrew Craig: Yes, if you say something funny.

Andrew Craig: May I say that my eyes are large enough to hold two beautiful women?

Inger Lisa Andersen: I thought icebergs never melt.
Andrew Craig: I thought Sweden was neutral.

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