Cowboy Bebop: The Movie

Other mistake: When Spike is strolling through the city, at some point he walks by one of those posts pointing to various directions. One of the signs is written in cyrillic characters and, below, we can read the "English" translation: Ruccian Town.


Trivia: Though often referred to as "he," the young hacker Edward is actually a girl.


Trivia: The actors who play the roles of the main characters are credited by their real names in the film credits, as opposed to their "stage" names which are normally used to credit them in the TV show.


Trivia: The events of the Cowboy Bebop movie take place between Sessions 22 "Cowboy Funk" and 24 "Hard Luck Women."

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Vincent: Before you part from this world, can you tell me something? I am already dead since Titan and this world the butterflies are showing me... Is it a dream? Or is their world the real one and the world where I was, the dream? I don't know.

Faye: You're gonna take the entire world down with you... but why? That's insane.
Vincent: You think so? Is there an indelible line dividing sanity from insanity... Or do they change, one into the other at the slightest change of events? We'll find out soon enough. If the world itself is insane.

Old Woman: He called you a cowboy. What did he mean? What are you?
Spike: Just a humble bounty hunter, ma'am.

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