The Order

Continuity mistake: After Van Damme gets shot, he climbs a wall and the female cop helps him by pulling him up the ledge. From the bottom view, the wall has a straight ledge but from the top view, there is a big groove cut out from the ledge where Van Damme climbs over.


Continuity mistake: Near the beginning before Van Damme absails across from one building to another, he fastens the cable onto the red neon sign framework behind him, but as he is absailing across, the building behind him changes into a different one with no neon signs at all.


Factual error: When Rudy Cafmeyer is watching the TV, there is a foreign language program on. This program then cuts to an interview of the new 1st disciple talking about the murder of the old 1st disciple. The problem is that if the show is in a foreign language, then it makes sense that the interview would have someone translating over the voice.

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