Audio problem: When Corny introduces himself at the auto show, the audio is not in sync with his lips.

Factual error: Although the film is set in 1962, it uses the song "You Don't Own Me" which wasn't released until 1963 (and didn't become a big hit until 1964).

Continuity mistake: During the "Limbo Rock" segment, the scene changes from shots of the council members dancing at Tilted Acres to Penny and Tracey's parents watching it on TV. The queue of the council members waiting in line to go under the pole changes between shots.

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Beatnik Chick: When I'm high I am Odetta. Let's get naked and smoke.

Amber Von Tussle: That girl's got roaches in her hair.
Edna Turnblad: Roaches? Our little Tracy's a clean teen.
Wilbur: There's no bugs on our baby.
Amber Von Tussle: I'm not kidding. I just saw one.

Wilbur: Tracy, we all have responsibilities in life. You may think owning The Hardy Har Joke Shop is all drudgery. Unwrapping dribble glasses, checking doggy doo, but I love it.

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