Other mistake: In the opening scene of this German movie from 1944, a panoramic view of the city of Potsdam is shown with the subtitle "Potsdam 1813". In the background, the two high radio masts of the Potsdam Military Communication Central can be seen very clearly before the sky.

Lt. Schill: It is a good feeling for a soldier if he knows that a girl is crying for him.

Gen. Gneisenau: That time in Kolberg I witnessed the hour of birth of the German freedom. When Princes and Kings left their folk.
Frédéric-Guillaume III: Gneisenau, you don't has a good opinion of princes and Kings, right? You don't have a good opinion about me too? Honestly, Gneisenau?
Gen. Gneisenau: Wrong, your majesty. Otherwise I wouldn't stand in front your majesty. But a king has to lead his folk. This is his natural and godgiven task. And if he can't do it, he has to resign.

Stadtkommandant Loucadou: Capitulation is better than Suicide.

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