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Visible crew/equipment: When Lionel returns to the jazz bar and discovers Billy Rose has been killed (framed as a suicide), you can see two people standing in the shadows to the left of Lionel as he enters the main room where the stage is located. A man is hunched over, whilst a woman is standing still wearing what looks like a dust mask. (01:32:27)

Factual error: Alec Baldwin opens a pack of Chesterfield cigarettes and they have a filter. This is in the late 50's - Chesterfields did not have filters until 1966.

Factual error: Through the last third of the movie Edward Norton has a cut above his left eye. It is closed with an adhesive strip. It wasn't until 1962 that 3M™ Steri-Strip™ Skin Closures were introduced to the health care world. A stitch or two would have been less distracting, and would have been better suited to the gritty feel that the movie was trying to achieve.

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Trivia: The final major theatrical film to feature Bruce Willis before his retirement from acting in 2022 due to health issues involving aphasia, a condition which makes it difficult for one to comprehend and form speech.


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Suggested correction: What do you mean "final theatrical film"? Many of the two dozen films he's been in since "Motherless Brooklyn" have been, or plan to be, released in theaters.


I'll amend it to "major theatrical film," because it was in fact the last major theatrical film he made, but I mean, come on... several articles I've read consider this his final theatrical film as literally every single movie he's made since "Motherless Brooklyn" has been created specifically for the direct-to-video market. Dumping something onto four screens in Russia or Portugal for a weekend, or holding a few token screenings is hardly a theatrical release. Many (if not most) direct-to-video movies get some token screenings or short releases (like week-long engagements in specific theaters)... and they're still considered non-theatrical direct-to-video movies.


Lionel Essrog: There's something going down, and it's big, and they were not happy about what he found.

Question: Who was the African-American man with Laura Rose who punched Lionel and why did he punch him?

Cody Fairless-Lee

Answer: After Lou was hit in the head by the trumpet player, it's unclear what happened to him. Moses is supposed to kill Lieberman, so presumably he was eventually murdered.

raywest Premium member

Answer: In the movie, there's a bar called "Formosa Lounge." In real life, "Formosa" was the name Portugal gave to Taiwan.


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