The Florida Project

Continuity mistake: When the woman is sunbathing topless, the sun goes from being overhead in the far shots to in front of her in the closer shots. See also the difference in exposure.

manthabeat Premium member

Continuity mistake: In the first scene where you see Mooney getting a bath she is wearing a necklace with pink flowers on it. A few scenes later you see Halley buy her that necklace, after they sell the magic bracelets.

Bobby: It's only the second week of summer and there's already been a dead fish in the pool.
Moonee: We were performing a science experiment: we were trying to get it back alive.

Moonee: You know why this is my favorite tree?
Jancey: Why?
Moonee: 'Cause it's tipped over, and it's still growing.

Moonee: I can always tell when adults are about to cry.

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