The Space Between Us

Factual error: In the scenes where Gardner is messaging his Earth based female friend Tulsa from his Mars home, their communication is shown as being in real time. In truth, there would be minimum of a 4 min lag between messages due to the distance. (00:24:00)


Gardner Elliot: What was she like? My mother.
Nathaniel Shepherd: She was fearless She was kind And she just... seemed so invincible. And she'd make me wanna give up living when she died.

Gardner Elliot: You act like you hate the world so much, Tulsa.
Tulsa: Save your strength.
Gardner Elliot: It's all an act. The beautiful music you make gives you away.

Tulsa: People don't go around saying what they feel, whenever they feel it. They have guards, and-and shields and other metaphors.
Gardner Elliot: Why?
Tulsa: Because we're all messed up and scared and trying to be something that we're not and-and if we all went around just declaring our innermost desires to the exact people we felt them for, we all end up happy or something.

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