A Royal Night Out

New this month Factual error: Jack is addressed by everyone as 'Airman', not as the correct 'Corporal'. The rank of Airman does not even exist in the RAF.


New this month Factual error: Jack could not be demoted from sergeant to corporal by his CO. Substantive NCOs can only be demoted by court martial. As aircrew, his rank of sergeant would be a substantive rank, not an acting one (since it was the minimum rank for aircrew). And rank chevrons were made in one piece (two for a corporal, three for a sergeant), so if he was demoted he would have a new set of chevrons, not the top chevron removed as depicted (not only would this be impossible, but it would be a clear indicator that he'd done wrong and given he is still an NCO this would be demeaning).


New this month Factual error: Jack's RAF uniform is wrong on a number of levels. He is not wearing the eagles at the top of each sleeve worn by all RAF airmen. He is not wearing the correct Air Gunner brevet (with a single wing), but in fact wears a made-up badge that is claimed to indicate he has shot down five enemy aircraft. He does not have a cap badge on his forage cap.

More mistakes in A Royal Night Out

Margaret: What's a knocking shop?

King: This never happened. You were in the Ritz all night.

Elizabeth: Not a bloody word, all right?

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